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Why do I need it too?

  • TableFun table and chair can be used instead of a high chair.

  • This table and chair continue to evolve as your child grows, transforming into a multifunctional play centre.

  • Your child is learning and developing as they play with TableFun.

  • TableFun is designed to ignite creativity. Creativity leads to innovative thinkers.

  • You can buy add-ons for the table.

  • It allows you to quickly transform from one activity to another.

  • TableFun is stylish. It fits in with your décor.

  • It is so versatile. Your child can change activities whilst playing with it.

  • TableFun lets your child grow their world as they play with it.

  • It’s compact and designed for even small spaces.

  • TableFun provides so many options with one table and chair.

  • Individual components can be replaced if broken or damaged.


This product is functional and always evolving.


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From our family to yours, let’s help our little ones to soar!


Please note that this product is continually evolving, and pictures may change without notice.