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Some children spend a fair amount of time in the car, so no wonder they love to imitate adult driving as part of their play. The car kit includes the floor board with chair locator cut-outs. This will ensure that the seat clips into place whilst your child is driving through bendy roads. You may not think that your kid is paying attention, but they take everything in. “Beep, beep.” “Vroom, vroom.” “Sit down teddy. We are going to the shops.”


For this add on to work, the table and chair need to be purchased first. 

Vroom car kit

SKU: TB008
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  • This easy-to-assemble driving kit has been manufactured in durable prime melamine with the splashes of colour in acrylic paint. 


    This kit includes the car dashboard, steering wheel and floorboard. Everything you need for your child to have an adventure every day!