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This awesome add-on is such great value, as you get 3 items for the price of 1. 


The A-frame forms a big part of this kit, which can be used as the platform for the plane, boat and it becomes a doll house. It could even be a car bonnet or the front of a train. Ship ahoy, fasten your seatbelts! 



By 16 months, most toddlers have developed the motor and cognitive skills to copy what others are doing. Whether or not your little one has been on a boat, there seems to be a fascination with how things work. This makes complete sense, though, as our children are trying to figure out how they fit into the world and how the world works around them. Being able to be the captain on one’s own boat fills kids with wonder and excitement. With a ships wheel and dashboard included, your little cherub can sail on their boat, or perhaps another day they are pirates on a ship. The wheel has been designed so that kids can stand up, giving them the feeling of captaining a boat. The mast and anchor are also part of the kit. The sail forms part of the airplane kit (it is one of the wings).



With airplane’s being a big part of everyday life, kids are always pondering what it is like to be in a plane. To transform to an airplane, bolt the wings on top of the boat side and whoosh, your little one becomes pilot for the day! Imagine flying your own little plane, whilst your passengers await their next destination.



Playing with a dollhouse helps children work through life issues in a safe space. It also encourages vocabulary development, life skills, fine motor skills, problem solving and organisational skills. This all happens whilst having fun. Having the A-frame, you can turn this on its end, and it becomes a darling double-story little house.


The dollhouse furniture is for sale separately.

Dollhouse people are not for sale.


Please note that you need the table and chair first before you can transform it into a boat and plane.

Boat, Plane, Dollhouse 3 in 1 Kit

SKU: TB013
$198.00 Regular Price
$118.80Sale Price
  • Included in this kit are the A-frame, captains wheel, sail, mast, anchor, floorboard and plane wings.


    With two beautiful colours to choose from, durable prime melamine material has been used to craft this product. Gaboon plywood compliments the melamine in finishing off the A-frame. Acrylic paint was used to complete the plywood-based wings and beautifully finished floorboard. PVC tubing is used as the boat mast.



    Length: 435mm

    Width: 415mm

    Height: 320mm