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From meal time to play time, this stylish table, chair and tub set supports all your child’s activities. Helping to keep you organised, three insertable table tubs are part of the kit which is great for those crayons, playdough bits or snacks. And not only can this table be used for your child (although they may not want to part with it) but can also become the coffee table and perhaps a way to reach the top shelf. When you no longer want the tub insert, you can place the blank in to cover the hole. With so many options, this set can only add value and is the perfect addition for your family.


Once this set has been purchased, you can add to it as the budget allows, and as your child grows. The drawing / chalkboard is a huge favourite, as is the Vroom car kit. These can be purchased separately.

Starter Kit

SKU: TB004
Colours: French Oak
  • This kit includes a table and 2 chairs with a blank to cover the hole when not in use. Three microwavable plastic tubs are also included.


    With the table and chair manufactured in prime melamine, and the black strip around the table finished in acrylic, this solid and trendy design is durable and easy to clean.




    430mm x 430mm

    Height: 395mm



    Height: 430mm

    Width: 265mm

    Depth: 230mm