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This exquisite mini doll house engages children in imaginary play, which provides vital educational benefits for intellectual, emotional and social development. Using a “reconstructed mini version” of home, children can role-play and act out life as they perceive it. This helps them to process their environment and to gain a sense of self, whilst developing their ability to communicate. As many children are unable to put their feelings into words, playing with a dollhouse can create the stage for scenarios to be worked out and disappointments to be processed. All this whilst having fun!


The adorable doll house furniture has been crafted with much love and detail. Assembling the furniture is a wonderful project for your child, alongside you or not, and is great for those fine motor skills.

Full Dollhouse kit

SKU: TB017
$136.00 Regular Price
$88.40Sale Price
Honed Silica: brown
  • This mindfully created dollhouse is small enough to fit into any environment. With a choice of 2 natural colours and made from durable prime melamine, this dollhouse will blend into any home. The dollhouse furniture has been carefully cut out from plywood and creates the most delightful addition to your child's collection of toys.


    Included in this kit is the A-frame, dollhouse furniture and chimney.