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We have put together the perfect kit for you. Included in this kit is an awesome table, one chair and one stool, designed to be stylish and practical. Easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of children. Kids love having their own size table and chair which they can eat, draw and play on.   

A shape sorting kit is also provided in this kit and can be easily slotted onto the table. Toddlers love this classic favourite. By figuring out how to put each shape into the respective hole and then to turn the board so the shapes drop into the tub, kids learn to categorise, learn colours and name shapes. Threading the shapes is sure to develop their fine motor skills. 


When needing a new activity, the drawing/chalkboard board can be inserted. This versatile board is reversible and can provide hours of creative fun. Super easy to clean and can be used to eat on too!

And there is more...you receive 3 tubs to get you going.

Super Kit

SKU: TB012
Colours: French Oak
  • This comprehensive kit includes a table, 1 chair and 1 stool, 1 drawing / playing / chalk board, 1 shape sorting kit, 3 microwavable plastic tubs. A blank hole is provided for when you do not want to include the tub. This kit does include small parts.


    The shape sorting kit consists of 1 piece of plywood with 8 shapes, and 1 thread. 


    With the table, chair and car kit manufactured in hard wearing prime melamine, and the black strip around the table finished in acrylic, this trendy design is perfect for your child's fun activities. With our love for old fashioned wooden toys, Gaboon plywood was used to craft the shapes and shape sorting insert. All paint used is water-based acrylic, safe for our little ones.




    430mm x 430mm

    Height: 395mm



    Height: 430mm

    Width: 265mm

    Depth: 230mm