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Since getting the ObEvolv combination (table, chair, car, boat/plane, shape sorter, chalk board), I have been consistently and increasingly impressed with the product as I've gotten to know it. When I first heard about this kit and its versatility I thought it sounded like an excellent idea, but after having it in my home for a while and watching my son using it, I have found it to be even better than I had expected. 


It's so easy for him to move from using it in one way to another, he can put it all together himself and change things as he wants to. But, even more than that I have been particularly impressed by the thoughtfulness of the design. The attention to detail and practical considerations really shine through: each part of the kit can be used in multiple ways meaning that its lucky owner can change and grow their imaginary world without having to disrupt their play; the whole kit is compact so that a lot of play can take place in a relatively small space; and, of course, as well as providing the child with worlds of play, it is also a table and chair perfect for practical use. And to top it off the finishes are stylish so it looks good too!


Well done to the ObEvolv team - this product ticks all the boxes for me :-)



"We love the versatility of ObEvolv. In just one product, my son can do so much with it and we love that we can keep on adding. It's so functional and innovative. I love that it fits into my decor and I even use the table for guests when I need an extra space for a coffee mug."


"Oh, hours and hours of fun have been had with Obevolv. It often starts with a game of ‘Masterchef’ using the stove and ends with a trip to a magical island off the coast of Italy after converting the table to a boat. ObEvolv is beautifully designed, carefully crafted and inspires creativity and originality amongst children. What more do our children need."


"We recently received a kit set from ObEvolv and I am really impressed with the quality of the product. The kit was received in tact and in compact packaging which was easy to transport. I enjoyed putting the kit together, following simple instructions and watching engaging video clips. So far both my children (5 and 8 months) are really enjoying their ObEvolv experience and I have already seen the possibilities the product offers for imaginary play, creativity and innovation. I would highly recommend this product for young children."